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Continuing Education Units (C.E.U)

Med Training

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Stay Up to Date

Each calendar year employees are encouraged to obtain a minimum of up to 15 hours of Continuing Education Units in work related subject areas. Instructors are available to train your staff onsite at your facility! Ask about our group rates today.

Continuing Education Courses are offered for all Core subjects (Medication Administration, Standard Precautions, Fire Safety, First Aid & Choking) and more!


All Courses Offered:

  • Standard Precautions

  • Medication Administration

  • Fire Safety

  • First Aid & Choking

  • Abuse & Neglect

  • Residents Rights and Grievances

  • Development of the Individualized Service Plan (ISP)

  • Understanding Diabetes, Nutrition, Diet and Meal Planning

  • Client Group Specific 

  • Abuse and Neglect

  • Client Communication- Best and Worst Strategies

  • Documentation

  • Client Communication- Best and Worst Strategies

  • Soft Skills and Advancing as a Caregiver

  • Incident Reporting

For Enhanced Caregiver Training, Team Building Workshops, and Manager's Trainings Please Call For Individual Subject Pricing.

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