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Skill Development & Career Readiness Workshops


YES! All of our additional workshops are open to the public.

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The More You Know, The More You Grow!

Core Care takes pride in the students we train, and the skill set they posses after completing our training. We try our best to prepare those currently working in the healthcare field, and students seeking employment to be mentally and educationally ready for the clients they will be caring for. We offer several courses & workshops in addition to our CBRF classes, that will enhance the caregiver's skill set, knowledge, and productivity of each care giver's job being performed, As well as secure future employment opportunities. 


Our goal for this program to apply hands-on and visual learning techniques such as:

  • career readiness

  •  basic computer literacy & useful communication skills

  • interview preparation (what not to wear)

  • assistance with resume development 

  • the do & don'ts for job placement

  • job leads & additional community resources


 All of which can lead to direct employment and also provide a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue further education as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Register Nurse (RN). 

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